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History of Westeros • View topic - Winterfell crypts guest right good luck

Winterfell crypts guest right good luck

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Winterfell crypts guest right good luck

Postby akissgoodnight » Tue Dec 13, 2016 1:32 am

So a few days ago I had watched a you tube video about guest right which is already covered but with one huge obvious mystery, tied to the winter fell crypts. so it's said that all the starks sit on there stone thrones and a direwolf curled up by their feet and that a iron sword is placed bare across the lap of each stark to keep the vengful spirts in their cryps which never made sense to me tell I'd scene that video and was thinking of the Crypts at the same time so this would make more sense to me one of two things
1. I think that somewhere down the lines it got stated in correctly and it got passed down as more of story to scare the children and is now taken as intent behind the symbolic gesture. 2.they just don't want to give away the game to outsiders it's symbolism needs no explaining but if still need a reason to feel better here is a bed time story possibility, which clearly ridicules every single king and lord in the crypts of the starks has a sword bare across his lap essentially denying every single person that enters the right to guest right which it seems every non stark does not feel comfortable down in the crypts which seems to me that they subconsciously all realize this common symbol or what the action suggest but it's a crypt so it doesn't really make them like the reader looking at this and thinking if they walked into the great Hall and lord Stark sat like this you take its meaning really quick now i could be totally wrong but being that the northerners view guest right as such a sacrid law that they would be not make symbolic reference that could very easily be taken the wrong way by someone and on such sacrid law and belief and the breaking of guest right is so damning that it would almost be seen as sacrilege especially since they bring people down into the crypts so it's not like a non stark keep out area and bran even gets so upset with Rickon who takes the walders down there to play and the comfortably level of starks while down there and the feelings of dread and un ease now I don't know to what end or why this was done is it part of a spell is the fact that a couple Kings laps no longer have a sword and the ones that have been taken create a problem like the others can enter now since it's not unanimously presented by the starks as a hole but I'd never scene anyone of touch on the symbolizes of no guest right and this to me makes more sense to me then iron sword instead of iron horseshoe that traps the starks with in unless they were all valeryian steal swords that gave magical property to keeping them contained then it would be the materials and not what it got shaped into and why oh why must it be bare as well if the books reasoning for the need to bury them this way I'd true then them not sheathing the swords on there laps to me is for thought less of the starks but since no magic goes into the burial the thought it's anything other then the obvious is just not logical now I'm sure magic went into the original creation of the crypts and each sepulchre may be spelled or blessed or what have you waiting for its future stark but I doubt it anyway just ranting at this point I'm sure you guys may disagree or agree but either way would love to here you guys thoughts and where this could lead what other benefite this could have and it would to me opens up a bunch of curious questions like all none starks that have gone down what might this mean for there entire story when in relation to starks is it like a permanent not eligible for guest right again did they essentially pull the frey's ultimate mayhaps line which basicly if not called out that mayhaps was said anything that the person said is no longer a honor/binding agreement or oath said considered just wind at that I hate the frey's but I'll admit I didn't feel bad for rob after being murdered since walder told him the rules of the game they were about to play and Rob was just so above him and not listening expecting him to except his proposed agreement and he'd soon be out of this Weasle site walder gave him to or three very plain outs but knew rob would be to above him to reply take the meaning of it I don't know how cat of all people didn't catch what he was doing or anyone for that matter who had ears and a brain
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