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Theon I

Discussion of the various The Winds of Winter sample chapters that have been released or read.

Re: Theon I

Postby VonBoris » Sat Jan 10, 2015 12:44 pm

Re: Theon I
by andrewking06 » Sat Oct 11, 2014 3:18 pm

Hi all. New here.

I dont think Theon dies here. I believe his sister will escape with him and bring him back to the Iron Islands to call a new kingsmoot. In Deepwood Motte just before Stannis attacked, Asha and Botley were talking about Kingsmoot history and Botley mentions that one time a 2nd Kingsmoot was held due to a rightful claimant not being present at the first one. The other lords were so sick of the current King they were more than happy to welcome the legal chance to get rid of him and pick a new king. Sounds a lot like the current situation since Theon is the rightful heir to the throne and most likely the Iron born will not be happy with Euron making big promises that will take a long time to pay off. Winter is almost here and life on the Iron Islands will be all about living day to day and not about the long game of winning the Iron Throne and dragons. I think Asha would settle for anyone other than Euron as King and we all know Theon would be an incredible long shot considering his current state and history. However, I think she hopes that she can install Theon in the Seastone Chair and then be the power behind the throne. This was the deal she offered to Victarion before the Kingsmoot so I think it makes sense that it would still be her move.

One deviation from my prediction is her manner of leaving Stannis. Rather than escape she may cut a deal with Stannis. A deal where in return for Theon and their leaving that she will pull off her 2nd Kingsmoot, and bend the knee to Stannis or in the event of his death, his daughter. This is a big stretch of course, but so is her escaping with Theon.

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I agree that Asha and Botley were speaking about a 2nd Kingsmoot but I'm not so sure that it would be welcomed by Ironborn yet nor would Theon be welcomed by the Ironborn.

After Balon's failed rebellion that led to Theon being sent to Winterfell as Ned Stark's Ward the Ironborn pretty much had to live under the laws of the Iron Throne. No more reaving, Maesters and Septs still had a place on the Islands and a forced will to act like the other 6 kingdoms was forced upon them. The Ironborn are probably the closest to the Wildlings in the sense they would prefer to live by their own laws and not the laws of the Ironthrone/"Greenlanders".

Once Balon died and Euron became King, his ability of "making big promises that will take a long time to pay off." May be true but as of now in the story, that time hasnt come yet. At the moment the Ironborn are reaving the Reach, taking lands from the Shield Islands, not abiding by the laws of the "Greenlanders" and are living by the "Old Way". If your an Iron Islander your probably ecstatic that With Euron's reign so far as King.

As far as Theon being the "rightful" heir, he's only the rightful heir under the laws of the Greenlanders. The Ironborn would prefer to raise their own Kings (similar to the Wildlings) via the Kingsmoot where Heredity and social status in the overall real aren't important factors. Being. Theon left the Iron Islands at the age of 9 or 10 and spent as many years in the North, many Iron Islanders would find it hard to see him as a qualified candidate for a Kingsmoot especially when Balon himself gave up on Theon being his own heir. Factor in Theon fought for Robb Stark, deviated from his fathers plans after betraying Robb Stark and has been humbled by Ramsey, I doubt any Iron Islander would ever consider Theon (who now looks like a broken feeble shell of a human being) as a possible King.

I agree Asha and Botley are plotting a 2nd Kingsmoot (how and when they probably don't even know yet) but I don't think Theon will be a candidate nor would have much influence in it. Seems like Theon is not only destined to die at some point but it seems as if he subconsciously or not is identifying himself more with the Northern culture (he's been praying to the Heart trees and feels their talking to him, always felt conflicted while reaving the north after betraying Rob, is more programmed to function under Ned's influences than Balon's, and fantasied earlier of wedding one of Starks daughters) which would be a huge turnoff for the Ironborn.

I can see Asha having influence on the Sea Stone chair but i think it would be with a husband like (Botley, Massey or someone of a great house and/or Stannis Kings Men) but just not. Theon. Seems like if Asha wants to get back in power in the Iron Islands Stannis is her best shot at the moment.
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