Volantis along with Essos in general

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Volantis along with Essos in general

Postby BuilderBran8000 » Wed Aug 30, 2017 12:36 pm

This theory may be crack pot but based on where HBO took the show vs the books I have to get this out there to see what people.

When we see Melisandre speaking to Davos and mentioning she will be heading back to Volantis but she wont die there I thought nothing of it. Yet we saw Thoros show the Hound the visions in the flames for the army of the dead thus swaying him more to their cause.

Now in the finale we had Cersei unveil her hiring of the Golden Company who obviously was introduced long ago in the books with much more detail. This brings me to my theory. Is there any way that Melisandre has seen this and this is why she goes to Volantis to seek out the leaders of the Golden Company and show them the army of the Dead? Now they can use Eurons Ferry ride to get to Westeros and join the Frey up north?

We constantly see foreshadowing for stuff like this and plenty of misdirection so let me know.

Am I sneaky or crazy?
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