White Walker Jamie

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White Walker Jamie

Postby Fransisca » Tue Aug 29, 2017 3:58 pm

I sent an e-mail about this to "[email protected]", but still think it's worthwhile to post in the forum as well (I actually registered myself as a member 2 minutes ago just to share this theory!):

(Contains spoilers for the latest episode of GoT, S07E7)

I rewatched the dragon pit scene of GoT S7E7 today, and it struck me how the white walker has symbols referencing to Jamie. The white walker has light (blonde?) hair, like Jamie, and gets its hand chopped off, like Jamie did.

When the white walker stretched its arms out towards Cercei, this lit a light bulb for me. It reminded me so much of the Valonqar theory! Hadn't the Hound held the walker back, I imagine it would've gone for Cerceis throat. I believe this scene foreshadows how Cercei will be killed by Jamie (the valonqar/younger brother).

Moreover (and this is where truly I turn to crackpotting), I wonder if Jamie could actually die and become a white walker before killing Cercei. It would be such a great irony, and such a thrilling plot twist (actually horrible, because I love Jamie) if it's an undead Jamie who comes to kill Cercei in the end. Especially because Cercei refused to provide any help in fighting the war in the North. For an undead Jamie to kill Cercei, that would be... wow.

I don't know if this theory/plot twist has ever come up before. The Valonqar theory is of course old news, but I've never heard the undead/white walker version of it. I would've never even considered it, hadn't it been for this scene in the dragon pit in the final episode this season.I tried searching the forum, but couldn't find any entries. (Please forgive me if it's already been discussed before.)
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