Season 6 Episode Titles

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Season 6 Episode Titles

Postby DarrenT » Thu Feb 18, 2016 4:37 pm

Watchers on the Wall tweeted out a link to guess the episode titles for Season 6 with no description whatsoever. Seems like fun; the link is below if you want to submit your guesses.

Here are my guesses:

Episode 1: For the Watch - would have been way too obvious to have that as the last episode of Season 5 but it might be appropriate for this episode because we'll probably see the fallout at the Night's Watch right away. I could even see Jon saying "for the Watch" after being resurrected.

Episode 2: Mercy - maybe too close to the "Mother's Mercy" title but I think we could still see a Mercy style killing like the sample chapter from Winds. Especially if the rumours about Izembaro and the Mummer's are true.

Episode 3: The Iron Captain - I could see this episode as Balon's death and our introduction to Victarion and then Euron swooping in at the end.

Episode 4: Glass Candle - total guess but Sam in Oldtown and in the books Marwyn got a glass candle lit; I could see Sam using or at least finding it this season.

Episode 5: A Godless Man - I see this episode as the Kingsmoot chapter and a reference to Aeron saying that Euron is a godless man in the books.

Episode 6: The Siege of Riverrun - I think this is definitely happening this year and I think it makes sense in the middle of the season, as Jaime has to return to King's Landing from Dorne and then travel to the Riverlands to deal with the Tullys.

Episode 7: The Quiet Isle - I hope this happens and possibly where Brienne and Jaime are reunited.

Episode 8: The Horn - I think this could work in a lot of different ways that potentially make sense late in the season. We could see Dragonbinder for the first time and learn of Euron's plan now that he is King of the Iron Islands, it could be a reference to Sam's return home to Horn Hill, and it could also reintroduce the Horn of Joramund (which may be the one Sam found buried). The Wall comes down??

Episode 9: Sword - I like this one as a double meaning too. It's a reference to the choice Brienne has to make choosing to hang or fight. This could be Brienne's forced duel by the Brotherhood and/or Lady Stoneheart. I also like it as the possibility of Jon wielding Lightbringer and marching on Winterfell or something epic.

Episode 10: The Long Night - I think this is mainly wishful thinking and I don't think they would actually call it this because we would know exactly what to expect. BUT I like the idea of this season ending with the Others getting through the Wall and Dany finally coming to Westeros.

What does everyone think? What are your guesses?
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Re: Season 6 Episode Titles

Postby Samanta » Mon Apr 15, 2019 8:40 am

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