My quest to find James Faulkner will end in Season 6!

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My quest to find James Faulkner will end in Season 6!

Postby Shadrich » Wed Sep 16, 2015 5:18 pm

Who? I hear you asking! Well James Faulkner is a British tv actor who way back in the seventies was in a show based on Robert Graves novels about the Claudio-Nero Roman imperial dynasty called I, Claudius after the first book. The show stared Derek Jacobi as the eponymous Claudius, Brian Blessed as the thunderous Augusts, John Hurt as the historically slandered Caligula and George Baker as Tiberuis.

Now it might interest you to know that Stannis is based in part on George Baker's portrayal of Tiberius in I, Claudius a competent military general who resents the emperor for not acknowledging him.

But what about James Faulkner, you are wondering! Well he played the role of Herod Agrippa, yes the biblical Herod, who grows up in the imperial court as friend of Claudio and his cousins.

I was a big Derek Jacobi fan, so I bought the whole series on VHS tapes and watched them so many times the tapes were ruined. I am also a fan of John Hurt and just loved him as Caligula (despite the lack of historical revision very much needed for this maligned ruler) and I loved this actor who was playing Agrippa--who is very amiable character and one of the few friends of the protagonist--he looked like a young Liev Schreiber:


I tried my best to look him up in other shows, but in those halcyon days of VHS tape it was very hard to find shows of your favorite actors (which might have been a blessing in disguise, I say this having watched Honeymoon to the end!!), so I forgot about him and haven't thought about that show in a while, when today I heard that an actor has been cast to play the role of Sam's father:


little did I first suspect that my quest to see James Faulkner in another work is nearing its end, GRRM is truly the gift that keeps giving :)
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