Any significance to Varys knowing about Stannis?

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Any significance to Varys knowing about Stannis?

Postby mcmnky » Thu May 26, 2016 9:31 am


One thing that I noticed in Ep 5 that I don't think got addressed in the show-only review is the significance to Varys knowing that Stannis is dead. Balon has heard news about Stannis--he's proud to be the last of 5 kings alive--but he's in Westeros while Varys is far off in Meereen.

Both the book and the show are loose with timelines, particularly with geographically separate plotlines, so we don't know when Varys and Tyrion meet with the red priestess relative to Jon's change in health, Sansa's arrival at the Wall, etc. other than all those events are after Stannis' failed attack on Winterfell.

Is the thinking news of Stannis' death has spread through normal channels or is Varys in contact with little birds in the North? Are his sources at Winterfell or the Wall? Or Both? And does he know about Jon and decide not to reveal that knowledge?

If he hears Melisandre has now anointed Jon as the promised one--and why--does that change his feelings about Dany?
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Re: Any significance to Varys knowing about Stannis?

Postby DavidMorgan » Fri Feb 17, 2017 5:35 am

I am guessing here, however, Littlefinger utilizes one of his spies to advise any of Stannis' confided in individuals about the ruler's interbreeding, or considerably more probable, one of Stannis' kin is a spy of Littlefinger and he plants the seed in Stannis' psyche. Littlefinger may have sufficiently given help to the examination by giving data with respect to the area of characteristic conceived kids in King's Landing, which will add to Stannis' information about do my dissertation.
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