Collectibles - G.O.T. Vinyl Figures

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Collectibles - G.O.T. Vinyl Figures

Postby SerKnute » Sat Aug 08, 2015 5:31 pm

I received a Tyrion Lannister figurine from the GOT Legacy Collection for Father's Day which started piquing my interest in ASOIAF memorabilia. I plan on attempting to get the one of Dany in Dothraki garb (it has three dragons as well) and maybe a couple others.

However, I was at this computer store the other day looking for a part I needed and I came across these Vinyl Figures Edition 1 by Funko What's kind of interesting is that these li'l things come as a mystery mini, so you don't know what you're getting until you open it (OR DO YOU?!). My sister picked a box up from the shelf and handed it to me, so I'm looking it over and see who's available in the first edition and figure what the heck... I'll buy one, at least.

So I shake the box a little, it felt as if the figurine was small and as I tipped the box it tipped over inside and fell to its side or face-down/back-down... but I had a strong feeling I had a dragon or a direwolf in there... so I take that one. Sure enough, I crack it open and I'd received Rhaegal. Apparently these come with a scarcity element as well, as odds for Drogon and some others are much higher, but I thought it was kinda cool.

Anyone else happen to pickup any of these or other memorabilia?
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