New feed has no RSS?

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New feed has no RSS?

Postby Overmann » Sun Jan 31, 2016 1:45 pm

Hello there,

I have not been able to find an RSS to the new feed yet. IS there one? Do I have to download a separate program of to listen to the podcast now? I understand that most people have iTunes/Apple or a well supported android device but I have neither so RSS is very practical as even my ols Amiga computer can communicate with it. :)
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Re: New feed has no RSS?

Postby fosterdisbelief » Fri Feb 05, 2016 3:25 pm


I love the podcast and everything, but I had to register for the forums just to hop on to this thread and add my two copper stars. I believe the best way to put it is to paraphrase lolcat: "Can I haz RSS feed plz?"

I understand that I must be living in the stone age, since another podcast I listen to religiously just scrapped its RSS feed (Vox's The Weeds, fwiw...)but I have an android phone so iTunes is out of the question, and since I do not have unlimited data I prefer to download my podcasts at home on my cable hook up, and then move them to my phone for my listening pleasure. Of course I can (and I will) manually download each episode of your podcast (which I wouldn't do for every cast I listen to. So far the only two I have to manually download are "must listen to" podcasts). That being said, I would much rather be able to let my pod-catcher grab up the podcasts I listen to, so I get them as soon as they are released with no action on my end.

So what's the word. (Bird?) Can we get a new RSS for the podcast, or am I stuck manually downloading it when I notice a new episode is out?

Thanks for the great cast, by the way. The night may be dark and full of terrors, but your podcast is fun and full of information.
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Re: New feed has no RSS?

Postby Ash » Wed May 11, 2016 12:00 am

Hey there,

These posts are from February, so I'm hoping you both have had this sorted out by now, but if not, let me know so I can share the RSS feed.
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