Sean of house Beard

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Sean of house Beard

Postby Icelance » Wed Jun 18, 2014 3:01 am

I really have enjoyed Sean's contributions to the reviews he has a lot of insight and some really interesting opinions about the characters,the plot and whatnot. Sometimes it's really hard to believe that he hasn't read the books as he has been quite close to the content to come. Like that he has drawn a map of the characters and connected them (if I remember correctly), something I would need at times. Hope he will return next season for the S5 GOT reviews.
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Re: Sean of house Beard

Postby DarrenT » Fri Jun 20, 2014 1:42 pm

I agree 100%. He really has gleaned a lot of very subtle things from the show that aren't very obvious to non book readers. I sometimes watch the show with show-only viewers and they can barely keep the main characters straight. For him to know so much of characters' backstories and pretty accurately predict what they might do is very impressive.

I always recommend reading the books to anyone who asks but I selfishly hope he remains unsullied so we can get his great insight.
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